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And he’ll bolt on you. If You’re In An Established, Committed RelationshipAt this point, it’s ok to reach out. But not too heavily and only here and there. You can’t begin to overwhelm a man or dominate his time in any manner at any stage in a relationship. If you do that, he’ll break off the relationship eventually, no matter how far into it or how many months or years you’ve been dating. If You’ve Had A Change Of PlansIf you’ve made plans and you’re running late or something has come up, go ahead and text him to let him know. It’s a sign of respect and courtesy at this point. If You Said You’d Get Back To Him On SomethingIf you told him about something cool for him to check out or said that you’d get back to him about whether or not to go on a date this Friday, then yes, text him. If He’s Made A Nice GestureIf he’s sent flowers or an email that made you smile, something specifically for you since he knew you had a bad day or something, then yes, text him a nice thank you. If It’s A Holiday or Special OccasionIf it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving or his birthday – go ahead and wish him well. But keep it short.
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Except maybe a month or two later at 3AM again, LOL. He was seeking sex via manipulation and attempting to charm you with his ego and you simply called his bluff. Not only did you call his bluff, you stood strong and confident and delivered a blow as well, to his ego. Which he needed, for disrespecting you in the first place. Like you're some ding a ling woman that can be"summoned" at 3AM. No way. He got what he deserved and you outsmarted him. And he knows it, which is why he's disappeared and is sulking, licking his ego wounds. Then he has the nerve to say YOU'RE rude after he treats you like a booty call. He's the ignorant one. But you know what? He's probably such a"mimbo" aka"male bimbo" that there's a very high liklihood he'll be back, LOL. This could work as a fling, but not as a relationship. He doesn't appear to want one and he doesn't appear to be mature enough for one at this point in his life. Hello again dear Mirror,I wrote to you a little while ago under a different article Maybebaby about my uni lecturer and just to remind you, we were both age appropriate. You advised to bee bop over to see him, as he suggested after our results were released. So the update is that they were released 8 Nov, which was at that point near 4 weeks since I last physically saw him. The very next day he emails me with conservative praises on doing very well. I say conservative because he didn't ask me how I was. Mmmm. Also, I think he was fishing to see if I was still there. He did not have to do this at all, as our term and uni obligations are well and truly over. I replied by thanking him, gave him a compliment on unit delivery and said I might swing past the following week while I was out there to find out where I actually sat. He replied and said he would be away that week and the one after due to an overseas conference but after that was ok. I do recall him mentioning this conference and taking some annual leave in a previous chat, so I was comfortable that this was true. So I left it for 1 week, and he would have been away at this time, and I responded with. and here I think I stuffed up.
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